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How to fight Care Park’s Payment Notices

Thank you for checking out this website. On this website I will detail exactly what to do in order to contest the payment of Care Park’s payment notices. It is not complicated, in fact it is surprisingly easy – just one letter and you will soon be added to their “too hard” list and be left alone.

You can use this website in two ways. You can just follow the step-by-step instructions given in section 1. However you may receive a few scary sounding letters from them and it may be helpful to understand some of the legal background which is detailed later on in section 4 so that you can realise you have nothing to worry about.

So the first part details what to do. If you join then you will see in the second part is the exact letter you will need to write. The third part details some of the letters you may receive and what to do with them. The final part details the legal background to all of this, why it works and why you shouldn’t be worried about it.

  1. The process
  2. The offer letter (members only)
  3. Next steps and questions
  4. Legal Background


5 thoughts on “How to fight Care Park’s Payment Notices


    I emailed the details of the case to you this morning.Please find it.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you concerning my case.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Kind regards



    Thank you so much for your email that i got it on the day. After getting your email, I spent much time to read and try to understand well for all of the information that they aer from your email and your webside.
    So I will send a letter that is from your webside in a couple of days to CarePark . Is it OK?

    I believe that you are honest and reliable and much better then some lawers although you said you are not lawer.You are so nice and intelligent.

    I thank you very very much for your big help once again.

    Best wishes.


  3. Leo Huttunen

    Hi Damian
    I’ve just received the lawyers letter threatening me with court action (Parke Lawyers) unless I pay my fine $88 plus legal costs $77
    Could you send me a copy of the “do not harass me letter”
    So I can get my wife off my back , she thinks I’m in trouble

    cheers Leo

    1. Damian Ivereigh Post author

      Hi Leo,

      Don’t worry – at the end of the day this is just another harassing letter. Here is the letter I would send back:-

      Dear sir/madam


      Ref: (whatever reference they put in their letter)

      I am not interested in any further communication with you or your representatives. You have previously declined my offer to settle this matter, so the next course of action is for you to take me to court. I will be invoicing you for answering any further correspondence regarding this matter at my standard rate of $150/hour billed in one hour blocks. I recommend you do not communicate with me further.


  4. Terry Cole

    I have received one of Care Park’s little payment notice’s, it states Code: 035. Not shopping/ Vehicle occupants sighted exiting car park. My partner left the car park and went across the road while I the driver of the vehicle went to the coffee shop that is within the car park area. Their signage stated that the car park in question is for customers only and parking is for only 30 minutes, and longer than 30 minutes will result in a $55 fine.


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