Damian IvereighYou don’t have to pay Care Park’s Payment Notices! Let me show you how. They have dubious legal status and you can easily fight them with a little bit of legal know how.

Have you parked in a car park managed by Care Park or one of the other private car parking companies, then have your day ruined when you got back to your car and found one of these sitting on your windscreen?


It’s enough to make you want to kill something!

But don’t stressyou don’t have to pay it! This website is dedicated to showing you how to do this.

You may have seen the recent (15 April 2015) clip on the ABC’s The Checkout which discusses some of the legal issues around private companies. You may still be able to view (skip to 13:20) it here. I agree with everything they say, but I think it can be taken further with some tricks from this website.

In a nutshell, the best way to deal with these companies is write them a specially crafted offer of settlement letter, which will stop the whole system in its tracks.

To discover how to do this and why it works, read on….


Author: Damian Ivereigh – Google+

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